Open the Door…
If you dare



Open the Door



The Poet Emily Dickinson, always dressed in white. Emily uses poetry to deal with issues of incest, lesbian love, S&M desires, and mental illness.




The Playwright helps Emily to explore and understand her psychological issues, in the hope that by “curing” Emily he will overcome his own inner demons.




Sue (Suzie) is darkly attractive, exotic or handsome rather than conventionally pretty. She is powerful, cold, and intelligent. She is both Emily’s love interest and her greatest challenge.



Emily’s mother is a mousy, weak woman constantly plagued by psychosomatic illnesses.



Emily’s sister Vinnie is a sexually attractive, saucy coquette a few years younger than Emily.


Emily’s brother Austin is slightly older than Emily, and his flamboyant dress is an Amherst legend.



Emily’s father Edward is a stern, forbidding and domineering man dressed all in black.


Judge Lord

A respected member of the community, friend of the family, and Emily’s one-time lover.



Rev. Higginson, a middle aged preacher and long-term correspondent with Emily.



A writer exposes and explores Emily Dickinson’s struggles with lesbian love, BDSM, insanity, and incest. But as he gazes at the monsters in the abyss, he finds that the abyss is gazing back at him, exposing his own dark secrets and driving him to suicide.


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Produced by:

Level 4 Films, Inc.
American International Theater, Inc.